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Online Training - Additional Information

This site will allow participants to:

  • Register at the single location and access all of The Institute's online learning opportunities
  • Take the pre-test to begin the online training session
  • Participate in online presentations using video and audio as an overlay to the PowerPoint presentation
  • Download all of the materials including handouts, the PowerPoint presentation, audio/video of the presenter and a trainers manual if you would like a guideline to provide a live training
  • Stop presentations, and come back in at a later time to finish the presentation or access quizzes
  • Skip to various sections of the presentations as well as pausing, and rewinding
  • Print a Certificate of Completion or Certificate of Continuing Education Units (CEUs) after passing the quizzes
  • Provide online feedback following the presentation

To meet participants learning style combined with busy schedules we have created options for using this site listed below:

  • Listen to the presentation accessing the Adobe PowerPoint presentation with embedded audio through the internet. Following the presentation you can access the posttest and after passing the posttest, you can print a Certificate of Completion or Certificate of Continuing Education Units (CEUs).
  • If you are on the go or are an auditory learner, you can download the audio of the presentation onto your IPod or MP3 player or burn onto a CD to listen to the presentation on the go. If you do not have access to a strong internet connection you can also download the PDF of the PowerPoint slides and follow along with the audio after downloading. Once you have completed the presentation you can go back in at any time to complete the quiz and print your certificate.

Have questions or need assistance? Please contact us.

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