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See below for information about how to become a SEFEL trainer or coach and resources for current SEFEL trainers and coaches!

Approved T-POT Assessors
The T-POT is the SEFEL Fidelity Tool.
View those who have taken the T-POT training and are reliable in the tool.
If you believe you are reliable in the T-POT but your name is on the list please contact Also contact us if you have any questions.
SEFEL Pyramid Model Fidelity Measures
Below are the system, program and individual classroom or practitioner measures to assess and support fidelity implementation of the Pyramid Model
Infant/Toddler Training PowerPoint
A SEFEL Presentation for Providers Working with Infant/Toddlers
(Module 1 | Module 2 | Module 3 | Module 4)
Preschool Training PowerPoint
A SEFEL Presentation for Providers Working with Preschool Children
(Module 1 | Module 2 | Module 3a | Module 3b | Module 4)
Using SEFEL Strategies to Promote Student Progress on the Social Foundations Strand of the Early Learning Assessment
How to Choose a Social Emotional Curriculum
A Guide for Curriculum Development
When to Seek Outside Help for Children's Problem Behavior
A Guide to Provide to Teachers and Parents About When to Seek Additional Help
Giving Positive Praise
How to Give Positive Feedback to Students
Learning Chart
A Detailed Chart to Learning a New Skill
Managing Time
A Tool for Managing Time Effectively
Pyramid Tool
SEFEL Pyramid Guide
Teacher Coach Agreement
Coaches and Teacher's Responsibilities and Agreement for Teaching

Coaches Toolkit
Templates to Get Coaches Started

How to become a registered trainer or coach - Coming Soon

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