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SEFEL promotes child social and emotional development and supportive environments. SEFEL helps support healthy development as well as communication, feeling identification, and important executive functioning.
Check out these strategies and activities to teach social emotional skills to your students!

Book Nook
Stories to Help Children Respond Positively to Challenging Social Emotional Situations
Book List
Find a Book to Promote Positive Social Emotional Development in the Classroom
Scripted Stories for Social Situations
Short Stories to Promote Specific Social Behaviors in Students
Classroom Tools for Teaching Social Emotional Skills
Short Stories to Promote Pro Social Behaviors in Students
SEFEL Classroom Self-Assessment
Prior to school starting, center staff can use this form to review SEFEL implementation. The form can then be used throughout the year to ensure SEFEL effectiveness is sustained and/or improving.
When to Seek Outside Help for Children's Problem Behavior
A Guide to Provide to Teachers and Parents About When to Seek Additional Help
Giving Positive Praise
How to Give Positive Feedback to Students
Health and Human Service Social Emotional Development Research Background
Health and Human Service Social Emotional Development Tips for Early Educators
Why is Social-Emotional Learning Important?: Tips on Implementing SEL Principles at Home, in School and in the Community
Feelings Poster
Health and Human Service Social Emotional Development Milestones
Using SEFEL Strategies to Promote Student Progress on the Social Foundations Strand of the Early Learning Assessment
Programs and Practices that Promote Social and Emotional Learning in Preschool
A Guide to Toxic Stress
The Center on the Developing Child created this Guide to Toxic Stress to clear up confusion on the topic and help you learn the facts about toxic stress step by step.
Once I Was Very Very Scared
A free children's book to help children and grown ups understand how stress can affect children and ways to help them.
Virtual Training
Online Training for Teaching Social Emotional Development

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