Resources & Tools for FAMILIES

SEFEL promotes social and emotional development. When children have appropriate pro social behavior they do better in school and in life. Skills include empathy and listening, following routines, following directions, understanding emotions and steps for problem solving.
Check out these important strategies and activities to help develop pro social behavior in your children!

Book Nook
Stories to Help Children Respond Positively to Challenging Situations
Book List
Find a Book to Read to Your Child that Promotes Positive Social Emotional Development
Scripted Stories
Short Stories to Promote Specific Behavior in Children
Family Tools for Managing Challenging Behavior
Advice for Families Seeking Additional Support with Behavior Challenges
Making the Most of Playtime
Strategies to Making Playtime Fun and Educational
Responding to Your Child's Bite
Learn How to Help a Child Communicate Effectively
Teaching Your Child to Become Independent with Daily Routines
Make Your Days Run Smoother by Learning How to Create a Daily Routine
Teaching Your Child to Cooperate with Requests
How to Communicate with Your Child Effectively
Teaching Your Child to Identify and Express Emotions
Improve your Child's Behavior by Teaching Them How to Communicate Their Feelings
Understanding Your Child's Behavior-Reading Your Child's Cues from Birth to Age 2
How to Interpret What Your Child is Communicating to You
Tools for Teaching Social Emotional Skills
Ten Ways to Help Boys Form the Close Friendships They Crave
Here are 10 ways parents can help boys defy stereotypes and form the close friendships they crave.
Getting Children to Stay in Bed
Health and Human Service Social Emotional Development Tips for Families
A Guide to Toxic Stress
The Center on the Developing Child created this Guide to Toxic Stress to clear up confusion on the topic and help you learn the facts about toxic stress step by step.
Once I Was Very Very Scared
A free children's book to help children and grown ups understand how stress can affect children and ways to help them.

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